The Science of Emotional Intelligence

Establish Your Competitive Advantage with Emotional Intelligence. Crucial for the Future Workplace!

Building Exceptional Leaders. Transforming Organizations. NOW VIRTUAL

Live Facilitated Virtual Program – 3 modules, each 2 hours in length

It’s a scientific fact that emotions precede thought. When emotions run high, they change the way our brains function, diminishing our cognitive abilities, decision-making powers and our interpersonal skills.


Our programs provide the tools to create a culture of trust and integrity delivering high engagement based on alignment, clarity and safety. Leadership teams often lack the most important ingredient to building this type of organization: Emotional Intelligence.


Teams skilled in emotional intelligence support one another as they navigate change. They are able to listen and collaborate effectively, without judgment and draw on the strengths and ideas of everyone. They have the courage and freedom to act without fear and are more open to new perspectives, viewing failure as an opportunity to iterate, learn and imagine new possibilities. This creates an environment that promotes creativity and innovation.


As the Western Canadian Director of The Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP*), Jo-Ann facilitates exceptional virtual and live EQ training programs. Connect with her to learn more about IHHP’s world-renowned leadership training. 


*The Institute for Health and Human Potential is a research-based training company with over twenty years as a leader in Emotional Intelligence. 

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