“Jo-Ann has worked with us both as a trainer and a coach. She is excellent at building rapport and getting a team working together to a similar goal. Individually she helps people explore options and move their lives forward from a place of fear and stress to one of ease and control. I appreciate the support, guidance and push that she has given to get and keep me in a place of calm professionally and personally. She has provided practical advice and tools that have helped me stay focused and grounded on what is important.”

Judy Molnar, Director of Human Resources

“I was really nervous to call Jo-Ann and start Performance Coaching. I see myself as pretty successful and resilient, but I knew something wasn’t right.  I wasn’t as focused at work, really frustrated by things at home and felt totally unmotivated. My kids even mentioned that I was “always in a bad mood.” Having to call someone when I usually feel pretty self-reliant was tough. 


It was the best thing I have done! I learned how my brain works under pressure and what I was doing wasn’t because there was something “wrong with me”, but was normal when having to deal with a lot of stress at work and in life in general. I learned strategies that I use everyday now to calm me down and get “my brain back”. I am not perfect at it, but at least I am working at it and I feel back on track.”

M. Yves

Okanagan, BC

“Initially I wanted to work with Jo-Ann because I had a few areas of my life that I wasn't really happy with. I didn't know which questions to ask myself so I could find some clarity. Some of her questions were tough - I wasn't sure at first if I was willing to look at my part and make changes. However, I came to trust her and am able to look at my life more openly and honestly. I have struggled with relationships at work but no longer feel stuck. I don't have to blame other or feel like a victim.


I'm happy  to keep working with her because I've seen positive results and want them to continue. I believe that I am happier and healthier.”


A. Rose


“...I was able to figure out why I let certain people and situations derail me at work and how it impacted my attitude and performance. My “amygdala hijacks” have decreased and I feel more in control and happy at work and at home.”


JC, Region Manager

Chicago, Illinois

“Over the past few years, Jo-Ann has coached me and a number of key leaders at the City of Airdrie. In my view, leaders have the difficult job of balancing their performance outcomes with the stress of managing people and time. My partnership with Jo-Ann has provided me with the tools to step back and gain greater clarity and confidence in the most stressful of times. With a clearer heart-centered focus, my ability to take action and make tough decisions has greatly improved. Ultimately, I believe Jo-Ann’s coaching has enhanced my personal leadership and performance. I truly appreciate my relationship with Jo-Ann and look forward to continued success.”

Paul Schulz

City Manager, City of Airdrie

As a small business owner, I am extremely grateful and proud of finally achieving a stable and flourishing work/life balance! Thank you Jo-Ann! Your ability to understand the root cause of my stress and anxiety was like flicking the light on. I am now empowered and confident with moving forward knowing that I have an extremely useful toolkit of learnings and techniques to help keep me at the top of my game. You are a star!

Dion Alexander, Co-Owner / Manager

Revolution Human Performance

“Prior to working with Jo-Ann Pawliw this past summer, I knew that I was not performing at my peak potential. From time to time, often without warning, I would hit a brick wall and find myself feeling stuck. When this happened, it usually meant that I had run out of physical, mental and emotional energy, with a pile of work yet to be done. Sometimes this lasted a few hours; sometimes it stretched into a few days. As entrepreneurs, I'm sure you can appreciate how this would adversely impact me in all aspects of life, not just business. 
Since Coaching with Jo-Ann, I no longer feel "stuck." I have learnt the skills I need to recognize and avert this state altogether. I am able to pace myself better, I am a lot more productive, and I feel like I am truly living. 
I would highly recommend Jo-Ann's services to anyone who would like to perform at their peak potential, and give their best in all arenas of life.”

Moji Ajele, Executive Director

BNI Alberta South

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