Stay focused,
manage your nerves,
and keep your head in the game.




We can lose access to our best swing, decisions and thoughts when we are under pressure and stress. It happens to everyone – pros and amateurs alike. Let us teach you how to recover...FAST!

Heart of Performance Coaching uses evidence-based, proven strategies to help you find your best performance. Our certified coaches will help you take your play to the next level by using the same tools that PGA pros and Olympic athletes use to manage their mental and emotional game.


We’ll meet One-on-One for 3 sessions.


Session 1

Using cutting edge technology, you will learn how to measure your ability to get into the best emotional and physical state to complete your best swing. This will be the benchmark by which we measure your program success. You will leave with a tool to practice with and personal awareness about when to use it. You will understand the science of pressure and how it affects the brain and body. Most importantly, you will understand how to make pressure work for you rather than against you.


Sessions 2 and 3

Tailored to your own personal developmental requirements, each session will include advanced level skill acquisition and on range (or on course) practice.



During the first session, athlete and Coach will customize and determine the best program for the athlete.



Sessions can be booked during the day/evenings and on Sundays.



Stay focused, manage your nerves and keep your head in the game.



Individual Coaching

Team Presentations





During this dynamic and engaging presentation, athletes will learn:


  • the brain and body’s response to pressure and how to make it work for you

  • how to increase focus and concentration

  • feel more ACTIVE CALM on the go!

  • stay in the process rather than the outcome

  • strategies to get back on track