You Don't Have to Do Anything in 2016

Have you ever thought of the impending workout ahead of you and "reasons" creep into your mind about what you "need" to do instead? Any of you avoid that client call, difficult conversation or admin task because something else "must" get done? How about the "no more sugar" resolve? Sigh...

I am guilty of all of the above - too often than I care to admit. I am also a Coach who helps my clients get through these moments and perform at their best more often. So - am I an imposter? I feel like it sometimes. Then I remember that it is what makes me human. Perhaps my clients and I relate to each other well because I get how hard it is sometimes - I am not perfect either.

How I have been looking at things lately is that I don't HAVE to do anything. Instead - I GET to do them. I live in a country that is safe, opportunities abound, and there are people who love and support me. Wow! I am incredibly lucky. I won the birth lottery. So - what has really helped me get through what is uncomfortable lately, is remembering the feeling of what it is like to finish Martine's kick-ass spin class at Peloton Cycle when I'm only half way through and feeling draggy. I GET to do this class. I GET to pay my GST, have a computer to sit down and get my work done and clients to actually call - I GET to do this. I don't HAVE to do this. Thought I would share this mind-set with all of you. It's really helping me.

Jo-Ann Pawliw is a Certified Performance Coach who gets to help her clients (and herself) grow their resilience to be their best more often.

, ​Executive Performance Coach/Emotional Intelligence Facilitator, Certified HeartMath Trainer
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