Reset! Calm your mind, boost your energy, improve your sleep cycles.


This three-session program leads to incredible results. Each session is 60 minutes. What's a balanced life worth to you?
The sessions are carefully customized and research-based.


Stress drains us. We lose patience with those around us and our performance suffers – both at work and at home. We skip workouts, eat badly and lose sleep. *Sigh* Stress causes us to react when stimulus comes at us, rather than calmly choosing the best response. It can leave a tremedously negative impact in our wake. So, what are you waiting for? Let's fix it!


The program includes:


  • Pre and Post test stress level tests, so participants can see (and not just feel) improvements 

  • Insights regarding where and with whom the energy drain / stress is occurring.

  • Skills and strategies to stay calm and to be responsive rather than reactive, even in the most trying circumstances.

  • Discussions regarding brain science and stress – explanations of how stress can be managed and controlled so that your highest cognitive function can be accessed at anytime.

  • Access to evidence-based technology that will enable participants to see when they are actually ‘in the zone’ and optimally able to perform.

  • An action plan and effective tools to ensure the work can continue long after the RESET! sessions are complete.

  • Increased vitality, better focus, enhanced motivation and access to calm, even while life and work remain busy.


Schools have just started to teach some emotional intelligence (EQ), only leading edge employers are committed to professional development in this area and some sport groups get it. Research shows that IQ and technical skills are only a small part of success and that strong EQ skills are the biggest determinant of success.  

Let’s Change our Mindset about Stress.