Overcome Test Anxiety


You’ve put the time in, you know your material – but as soon as you sit down to write, your brain feels like it unravels. Heart of Performance Coaching teaches evidence-based strategies to help students perform at their best on tests, in sport, and in life.


Let us teach you how to do your best when it matters most.





Meet with your coach and use cutting edge technology to measure your ability to get into the best state to write a test. This will be your benchmark. Discover how your brain responds under pressure and why you do what you do. Leave with useful tools that immediately help increase focus and decrease anxiety.


Use technology to see improvements made by practicing with the tools learned in the first session. Learn the next level and practice test writing.


One-on-One sessions can be booked during the day, evenings and Sundays

INVESTMENT: $100 | session


In a small class, learn the science of how our brain responds under pressure and why we do what we do. Students will learn a tool to help them manage their anxiety before and during test/exam situations. They will have a chance to experience a mock testing situation. Students will go home with an action plan to help them prepare and perform better.



Group classes run on Sunday and Monday evenings


INVESTMENT: $100 | session


Have more focus and concentration

Make better decisions

Feel less anxious and more confident

Have more energy and motivation




What would your life be like if you:


  • Felt more at ease more often?  

  • Had more mental and emotional toughness?

  • Felt smart rather than stupid under pressure?


We can help.



Increasing our resilience to access our brilliance

Overcome Test Anxiety


Increasing our resilience to access our brilliance


We lose 60-70% of our higher thinking brain under pressure. We feel like we can’t make decisions, be efficient or perform at our best.


Quite simply – stress can make us stupid.


Having tools to be resilient in our difficult moments helps us to manage stressful times with much more ease. We communicate better, are less reactionary and have more energy at the end of the day.


Research shows that we sleep better, can decrease our blood pressure and are less forgetful when we employ proven research based strategies and tools.


The brain science of stress

Recognize subtle stress signals before they take over

A proven tool to “reset” your system when feeling overwhelmed

Access our personal space of “inner-ease” with minimum practice and in just a little time