Resiliency Coaching    

LIFE: Resiliency Coaching – for Anyone and Everyone

Remain calm, think clearly, and get better control of your mind and emotions. Bounce Back Better!

You aren’t looking for a counsellor – you just want to learn some strategies to help you “in the moment” to manage the stress in your life.


Stress can drain us. We lose patience with those around us and our performance suffers – both at work and at home. We skip workouts, eat badly and lose sleep.  Stress causes us to react when stimulus comes at us, rather than calmly choosing the best response.


Are you tired and frustrated? What are you waiting for? 


Some of the benefits:

  • Learn how the brain and body respond when stressed

  • Skills and strategies to stay resilient and calm, even in the most difficult circumstances

  • Learn where and with whom the energy drain / stress is occurring

  • Skills to speak your truth and stand up for yourself

  • Stop worrying what others think of you and BE YOU

  • Learn how to reset after a difficult conversation/interaction

  • Access to evidence-based technology that shows your most optimal state.

  • An action plan and tools to ensure the work can continue long after the sessions are complete

  • Increased vitality, better focus, enhanced motivation

  • Better Sleep

  • More everyday ease

LEADERS: The Resilient Leader – for Leaders and Managers

Get your best brain in the game. The pace is hectic, expectations are high, and you are expected to do more with less.

Under immense pressure, we can lose 60-70% of our higher thinking brain. It’s hard to make good decisions and be efficient. You are not alone. Learn evidence-based tools to keep you resilient in these moments and get your BRAIN BACK! 


Learn new skills to be able to “step in” during high-pressure situations. Be your best when it matters most!


Coaching includes:

  • Skills to speak your truth and stand up for yourself

  • Increase ability to handle adversity and setbacks in business (and life)

  • Learn to deal more effectively with difficult people

  • The brain science of stress

  • Recognize subtle stress signals before they take over

  • A proven tool to “reset” your system when feeling overwhelmed

  • Access “inner-ease” with minimum practice and in just a little time 

  • Learn the art of listening and how to have more skillful conversations.

  • Leverage strengths to sharpen leadership skills

  • Learn to see situations from the perspective of others

  • Develop self awareness and impact on others

  • Accountability to work and life goals

  • Develop action plans for moving forward

  • Improve skills to coach others

STUDENTS: Optimize performance

Overcoming Test Anxiety: Learning how to do your best when it matters most

You’ve put the time in, you know your material – but as soon as you sit down to write, your brain feels like it unravels. Learn evidence-based strategies to help you calm your mind and access what you already know. Stop the self-doubt and get confident! 

The program includes:

  •  Have more focus and concentration

  •  Make better decisions

  •  Feel less anxious and more confident

  •  Have more energy and motivation

ATHLETES: Be at your best when it matters most

We can lose access to our best swing/swim stroke/shot etc. when we feel under pressure. It happens to everyone – pros and amateurs alike. Let us teach you how to recover...FAST!

Heart of Performance Coaching uses evidence-based, proven strategies to help you find your best performance. Take your play to the next level by using the same tools that PGA pros and Olympic athletes use to manage their mental and emotional game.



Three sessions of one to one Coaching


Session 1

Using cutting-edge feedback technology, you will learn how to measure your ability to get into the best emotional and physical state. This will be the benchmark by which we measure your program success. You will leave with a tool to practice with and personal awareness about when to use it. You will understand the science of pressure and how it affects the brain and body. Most importantly, you will understand how to make pressure work for you rather than against you.


Sessions 2 and 3

Tailored to your own personal developmental requirements, each session will include advanced level skill acquisition. 

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