“I experienced an amazing release when doing HeartMath on the practice tee with Jo-Ann. I have known that I had been holding a lot of tension but didn't really notice the 'grip' that tension had on me until this release occurred in my mid-back area. When hitting my driver after doing HeartMath, I felt a greater sense of freedom and mobility ... I am looking forward to more HeartMath practice with Jo-Ann and I'm excited to hit more shots with this kid-like freedom and ease in my body (and mind!)...”

K Cornelius, Former US Jr. Champion

LPGA Class A Instructor 
Former Pro-Tour Player, Teacher of the Year (5x)

“I had my tournament last week and I finished in a tie for second shooting 73. I only had one 3 putt. The techniques that Jo-Ann coached me in was working as I didn't feel as nervous and stressed on the greens as I did before.”

Jacob Manz
 Golf Pro

Priddis, Alberta

“Since our last session a few exciting things happened in the realm of golf. I ended up playing in the Calgary City Amateur, I missed the cut by 1 stroke; however, it was the most confident I've felt in a tournament setting in years. I finished 2nd in our Club Championship even after a less than desirable start on both days. I'm really looking forward to future competitive rounds.


I found that as the season progressed my nerves and anxiety (although still present) played less of a role in my performance and were more easily replaced by optimism and excitement. I've started feeling more appreciation for the game again, the sensation of fear around the game has gradually been replaced by a feeling of opportunity - every new shot, hole, round I feel like there's a chance for it to be my best.


The mindfulness, breathing, and body scan techniques that you have taught me have become a positive, healthy habit for me. Not only in golf but across all areas in my life. Most importantly my wife has noticed a positive change in my attitude, it's a great feeling.


Many thanks for all of your advice, it has been very beneficial. It's given me a solid foundation and I hope it's something we can continue to build on in the future.”



Jordy Miller


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