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Calm on the Go Workshop

Live Facilitated Virtual Program

Crucial skills to manage stressful moments

The Science of Emotional Intelligence

Establish Your Competitive Advantage with Emotional Intelligence. Crucial for the Future Workplace!

3 modules, each 2-hours in length

Resilience 1:1 Coaching

Virtual Coaching


The Heart of Performance, is a resilience training company

When we can effectively harness the power of resilience, we can bounce back and return to a neutral state every time we feel stretched or pulled by a stressful situation – much like a rubber band. It is this neutral state that allows us to make rational and well-considered decisions and to stop the energy drain that can result from negative events. 

More Resilience = Being Your Best More Often

Imagine managing pressure filled moments with resilience and poise. Remaining calm. Thinking clearly. Being more in control of your mind and emotions. Connecting more powerfully with the people in your life. Get your life, work or sport performance back on track as soon as things feel like they are derailing or spiraling out of control. Bounce. Back. Better. Jo-Ann has the HEART to hear and the evidence-based resilience tools to share, to help you FEEL and PERFORM better. 


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